The name Bok was given to me by my god-daughter, Surya, as soon as she was old enough to speak, around the age of two. Actually, my full name was The Bok, as if I was some Dr. Seuss character or an alien race from a Star Trek episode. When I would visit her home, she would call out, "The Bok is here!" When she was old enough to understand my question, probably around four, I asked her why she called me Bok, and she said, very logically, "Because that's your name." How could I argue with that?

While locked away on my 60-day silent retreat, it dawned on me that Bok felt like a perfect fit for my teaching name, for when I hear that word, it lights up my mind and heart, and I see my god-daughter's face, a picture of joy, innocence and wonder.