Words Out of Silence - available at Amazon or New Harbinger Publications

"Words out of Silence: 60 Days in Solitude" is a profound journey into the mysterious heart of consciousness. It is beautifully written, with a spare detail that describes the wanderings of the writer's mind, as well as the natural beauty that surrounds him in his two months of solitude. The beautiful etchings that accompany each page work to subtly put the reader in the experience. In the footsteps of Thoreau and reminding me of the Tao Te Ching, the book reads like poetry – lovely mystic poetry – the result of truth acquired by direct experience. Read it all at once or read a page a day for 60 days. Either way, the book's wisdom and beauty will lodge in you long after you put it down, mysteriously helping to create a refreshing silence in this reader.

Arthur Jeon, author of City Dharma and Sex, Love and Dharma